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Teaching Music and Dance  


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Teaching Music and Dance

For the Ancient (and present-day Sufi) Egyptians, music
was/is a mandatory subject for the education of youth;
for to teach music, you teach everything. Plato acknowledged and endorsed the Ancient Egyptian musical system. He established the Ideal Laws in his ideal Republic, based solely and exclusively on the Ancient Egyptian system—as referred to throughout the book.such as in Plato [Laws, 656]

"Long ago the Egyptians determined on the rule … that
the youth of a State should practice in their rehearsals
postures and tunes that are harmonically pleasing."

For the Ancient and Baladi (the present silent majority)
Egyptians, music and dance are not abstract arts. For
them, music is not just a way of life, it is life itself. It is as
natural, critical, and vital as breathing.

Since all aspects of the universe are harmoniously interrelated, Egyptians can never separate music and dance
from astronomy, geometry, mathematics, physics, theology,
medicine, traditions, ...etc. The Egyptian musical system is
a beautiful blend of all aspects of nature.

[Excerpt from The Enduring Ancient Egyptian Musical System by Moustafa Gadalla]