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The Musical Rhythm of Water  


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The Musical Rhythm of Water

Everything in the universe—large or small—has its own rhythm. Rhythm means flow: a movement that surges and recedes in intensity, and the water is the best physical representation of flow.

In their typical story-form fashion, the Ancient Egyptians described the major aspects of music, its laws, cosmic connections, etc., as it relates to the seasonal changes of the Nile River and not climatic changes. The Egyptian symbols for each season and month were entirely water-related.

In his Book I [Section 16-1], Diodorus of Sicily states:

"It was by Thoth[Tehuti], according to ancient Egyptians. . . [who] was the first to observe the orderly arrangement of the stars and the harmony of the musical sounds and their nature. He also made a lyre and gave it three strings, imitating the seasons of the year; for he adopted three tones, a high, a low, and a medium; [to correspond to the fluctuation of the River Nile flow].'

Water-related is shown in the Egyptian word for 'Music' being 'Mo-Seqa', where Seqa/Saqa means ‘to provide water’. The word 'Saqa' means 'water bearer', and is a major theme in Egyptian lyrics.

The Egyptian word for a musical chord is WaTR, which is strikingly similar to the English word water [WaTeR].

[An excerpt from The Enduring Ancient Egyptian Musical System - Theory and Practice by Moustafa Gadalla].