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Bed/Lion Symbolism

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Bed/Lion Symbolism

Throughout the Egyptian history, we find a consistent shape of depicted beds/biers in tombs and temples as being in a lion-shaped form.

The bed/bier represented "death and resurrection" - in a daily cycle of sleeping and awakening as well as an earthly life cycle.

Osiris symbolizes death and resurrection.

One of Osiris’ titles was The Lion.

The Egyptian word for a lion is SaBA., which is the same word for the number seven.

The universal cyclical number par excellence is SEVEN—and Osiris represents the cyclical aspect of the universe.

Osiris relates to the number seven and its multiples.

Since Osiris represents the latent power of resurrection to begin a new cycle, the Egyptians depicted the death bed in the shape of a lion—being number seven—being Osiris.

Since all people—male and females, rich and poor—are Osiris upon their death, their DEATH Bed (so to speak) represents the lion—the number seven; the Return to the Source.

[An excerpt from The Egyptian Hieroglyph Metaphysical Language by Moustafa Gadalla]