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Scorpion Symbolism

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The most mesmerizing statuette that I have ever seen!

Her arms and hands are establishing the protection zone, yet loving and embracing -- her tilted head,watchful eyes,ears,lips and overall facial expression being loving and guarding -- her breasts are indicative of nourishment -- AND the scorpion on her head will snap into deadly action without the slightest hesitation if you just dare! And on and on about her tummy,etc.

Selkis (Serket, Selkit, Serqet) -- The Scorpion Lady

Selkis is one of several manifestations of the female principle in her various attributes.

Selkis represents the zealous protection aspect of motherhood.

Selkis is identified with the scorpion, which is famous for its protection of its young.

Selkis as an aspect of Isis represents protection and nurturing of young children.

Selkis is usually depicted as a woman with a scorpion on her head, or sometimes as a scorpion with a woman’s head.

Selkis is one of the patrons of the four canopic jars, protecting the intestines -- facing the Southern region.

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