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Reconciliation of Dualities (Tying/Untying the Knot)

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Reconciliation of Dualities (Tying/Untying the Knot)

In order for the mystical seeker to find the Divine Essence, one must progress in the reverse sequence of creation. In other words, the soul’s progress in the journey along the Path is the upward movement from the sphere of the manifested created world, reconstructing/reassembling the pieces into one unit again, as it was prior to the Big Bang that created the world.

As stated in chapter 4, the active faculties of the Perfected Man are the heart and the tongue, and the role of everyone is to use both faculties to unite the dual aspects of the manifested world. This theme permeates Ancient Egypt, whereby both Horus and Thoth are depicted in numerous places, performing the symbolic act of uniting The Two Lands [see definition of Two Lands (which has nothing to do with areas of Egypt) in the Glossary].

To be married is to tie the knot, just like the Ancient Egyptian symbolic rite of uniting The Two Lands. Harmonizing the opposites is tying the balanced polarities in a marriage-type form. Everything in Ancient Egypt (and Sufism) is about the marriage of balanced polarities. When apparent opposites are reconciled (through intellect and intuition), the mystical seeker becomes complete, transcends the bounds of ordinary humanity, and becomes immensely powerful. When tying two polarized opposites, the mystic makes the two parts into one. In other words: to tie is to resolve apparent differences; i.e. to find that opposites are two sides of the same coin. Each pair represents a different aspect of the same fundamental principle of polarity, and each aspect partakes of the nature of unity and the nature of duality. When the mystical seeker reaches the second level of consciousness, he recognizes the dual principle in everything in the universe. One example is to find the male and female aspects in each one of us, then learn to harmonize/reconcile them.

The third and final level of consciousness is reached when the mystical seeker finds that the dual nature of a thing is the thing itself—the Two are One.

Other examples of harmonizing/reconciling apparent opposites to find out that there is no distinction between:

Sacred and mundane—a good example is the saying “one reaps what one sows”. On a mundane level, this describes the farming process. On a sacred level, it means that good deeds will translate to fruitful results. In reality, there is no difference between sacred and mundane interpretations.
Physical and metaphysical—to see a thing (with eyesight) and to see what the same thing signifies (with intellect and intuition).
Inner and outer realities—to discover how the human being is a miniature universe, and that all the powers that operate in the universe also operate within each one of us. The essence of the Egyptian mystical progression is based on the premise that man is the microcosm in which all attributes are united. [See Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are THE ONE, by same author.]

[An excerpt from Egyptian Mystics ; seekers of The way by Moustafa Gadalla]

Translations of this book is found in about ten languages.