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Isis and The Cube  


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Isis and The Cube

The Ancient Egyptians looked at Isis as the symbol of the cosmic feminine principle. This principle encompasses thousands of feminine qualities and attributes, and the Egyptians had terms to describe each manifestation of this feminine principle.

In he English language, we refer to her name as Isis, but the Egyptians had a representative term that recognizes the totality of her cosmic feminine principle. This all-encompassing Egyptian word/term is Auset.

Auset consists of the main word Aus and the suffix et. Aus means the source, the power. In addition to Aus meaning the source and the power, it also means the origin, the cause.

In this regard, we will show Auset to be the source, power, and cause of the created universe, inclusive of everything within this universe.

Several words are derived directly from the Egyptian name Auset, such as Seta, which means the number 6. This is very significant because 6 is the ultimate number of space, volume, and time. The cube with its six surfaces is the model of earth. As such, she represents the universe’s womb as well as Earth.

Six is the cosmic number of the material world and therefore is the number chosen by the Egyptians to symbolize both time and space. Time and space are two sides of the same coin, which is perfectly represented in the science of astronomy and its application, astrology. Scientists now agree that there is a very close connection between space and time—so close that you can’t have one without the other.

It is commonly understood that the figure of a cubical box represents the restraint of human potential.

The Egyptian was highly conscious of the box-like structure, which is the model of the Earth or the material world. This form of statuary, called the “cube statue”, is prevalent since the Middle Kingdom (2040-1783 BCE). The subject was integrated into the cubic form of the stone. In these cube statues, there is a powerful sense of the subject emerging from the confinement of the cube. Its symbolic significance is that the spiritual principle is emerging from the material world. The earthly person is placed unmistakably in material existence.

Cultivation of the desired virtues has the effect of liberating the aspirant from the material world by emerging from the box—the lower self.

The Divine person is shown sitting squarely on a cube; i.e. mind over matter.

[ partial rxcerpts from Isis The Divine Female, Egyptian cosmology The Animated Universe and Egyptian Mystics Seekers of The Way -- all books by Moustafa Gadalla]