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Min (Menu) -- The Fertile Figuration

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Min (Menu) -- The Fertile Figuration

Min (Menu), maybe recognized in some publications as Min-Amen.

Min (Menu) or represents the divine aspect of fertility, a creative urge manifested as the universal sexuality.

To depict the concept of fertility in a visual form, an erect phallus is the obvious choice.
It is therefore that Menu (Min, or more accurately, Menwi) is depicted with an erect phallus, the flail cocked over his upraised arm.

But there is deeper meaning to both the name and the depiction format. The name/word Menu/Menwi means (male) sperm—which is compatible with the concept of fertility as well as the depiction of an erect phallus.

As for the depiction, not only is an erect phallus the ideal representation of fertility, but also WHERE the Egyptians placed it on a depicted human figure reinforces the concept of fertility.
It should be noted that the erect phallus is depicted near the navel of the human figure to express both the cause of fertility (erect phallus) and the effect—such as the birth - represented by the navel.

[An excerpt from Egyptian Divinities : The All who Are The One, 2nd ed. by Moustafa Gadalla]