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Re Hor akhti [Rahorachty] -- Of The Two Horizons  


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Re Hor akhti [Rahorachty] -- Of The Two Horizons

Re-Hor.Akhti is one of the 75 manifestations of Re.
Re-Hor-akhti represents the renewed creation process—a matured and a renewed Horus.

Horus represents the realized divine principle—the goal of all initiated teachings.

As shown earlier under ‘Horus’, Hor.Akhti is the last stage in the process of spiritualization, that signifies the renewal/new beginning. This will be manifested in the form of Re-Hor.Akhti—a new—or better yet—A Renewed Creation.

Hor-akhti is, then, a new Alpha usually depicted in green, the color of rejuvenation.
As such, Hor-Akhti is shown as the head or Foreman of the Jury on Judgment Day scenes.

Re-Hor.Akhti is depicted in mainly three forms that corresponds to each’s function, as follows:

a. The Human-Headed Lion—Sphinx
Similar to the depiction of a bird headed man of the Ba, we have the Sphinx, a man-headed lion.
The Sphinx represents Horus on the horizon—Hor-Akhti.
This renewed Horus in Giza is Facing the east, welcoming a new sun everyday

b. The Green Falcon-Headed Human
The green falcon-headed human represents the spiritualization capacity and potential in all of us, as humans.

c. The Cosmic Green Falcon. The Pure form of a falcon represents the Cosmic principle of spiritualization and renewal—being green.

[An excerpt from Egyptian divinities : The all Who Are The One by Moustafa Gadalla