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The Green Goddess [Isis]  

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The Green Goddess [Isis]

Isis represents the fertile portions of Earth, while her sister, Nephthys, represents the barren perimeter of fertility. In his Moralia, Vol. V, Plutarch explained it:

. . .the Egyptians hold and believe the earth to be the body of Isis, not all of it, but so much of it as the Nile covers, fertilizing it and uniting with it. . . The outmost parts of the land beside the mountains and bordering on the sea the Egyptians call Nephthys. This is why they give to Nephthys the name of “Finality”.

Isis, in several of her 10,000 names, is called:

- Creatress of green things.
- Green goddess, whose green color is like unto the greenness of the earth.
- Lady of abundance.
- Lady of Green Crops.
- The Green Eye (Uatchet).

At the end of the green areas that are full of life is Nephthys, whose name, ‘finality’, means complete, conclusive, settled.

[An excerpt from .Isis The divine Female by Moustafa Gadalla]