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The Symbols of Isis and Osiris  

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The Symbols of Isis and Osiris

Isis represents the female principle of nature.

Her symbol was given the names ‘knot of Isis’ and ‘The blood of Isis’, shaped as stylized female genitalia.

This female symbol is always found next to Osiris’ Tet Pillar—the male phallic symbol—to signify the binary nature of life itself.

The Tet pillar is an “upside-down” tree of life, emanating from the source. It is the symbol of Osiris the Divine, who came to Earth and then went back to heaven.

The Tet pillar is the spinal column of creation, which is associated with Osiris as his sacred symbol. The more significant element of the Tet is the spinal aspect of the neuro-network of life, in humans and in trees.

The 7 centers of Tet Pillar represent the 7 metaphorical rungs of the ladder, leading from matter to spirit. Since man is a microcosm of the cosmic pattern, Tet represents a microcosm of the universal cosmology.

The Tet pillar represents the lopped trunk of a cedar tree, symbolizing the possibility of renewed life.

The symbolic erection of the Tet Pillar represents the essence of the Pillar as symbol of stability.

Since the Tet Pillar represents renewed life, it almost always appears, together with the Isis symbol, in all tombs and most, if not all, temples. Her symbol was called Thet, which sounds very similar to Tet, being the symbol for Osiris.

In addition to the obvious phallic aspect of the Tet Pillar, Tet represents the sacrum of Osiris, i.e. the part of the back which is close to the sperm duct (for it symbolized the seed of Osiris). It was natural, then, to depict the genital organs of Isis as a companion amulet, for by the two amulets, the procreative powers of man and women would be symbolized.

[Excerpts from The Egyptian Hieroglyph Metaphysical Language by Moustafa Gadalla]