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The Twin Sisters

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The Twin Sisters

The two female deities Isis and Nephthys appear together in numerous places in the Egyptian records. They are always almost depicted together, and very rarely are depicted individually.

They may be considered Twin Sisters—or better yet, the dual nature of the female principle.

In the tomb of Queen Nefertari, we find the rejuvenated green solar deity in a mummiform body.[shown below]

On the right, by Isis, we read:

This is Re who comes to rest in Osiris.

On the left, by Nephthys, we read:

This is Osiris who comes to rest in Re.

Egyptian texts refer to Re and Osiris as The Twin Souls.

The two male deities of Re and Osiris have a counterpart in the dual female nature of the creation cycle, namely The Twin Sisters.

On the cosmic level, Isis represents multiplication, fertility, and enlarging the womb of a mother or the huge, enlarging bubble that we call the universe. Her sister Nephthys ensures orderly and harmonic expansion by establishing outer boundaries or limitations on expansion. They both ensure an orderly expansion and contraction (divine energies) between the Big Bang and the Big Crunch.

On the universal level, Isis represents the active expanding womb that is called the universe, and her twin sister Nephthys represents the outer limits or perimeter of the universal bubble.

The twin sisters are mirror images of each other. Isis represents the part of the world that is visible, while Nephthys represents that which is invisible.

Isis and Nephthys represent, respectively, the things that are and the things that are yet to come into being; the beginning and the end, birth and death, life and death.

Isis symbolizes birth, growth, development and vigor. Nephthys represents death, decay, diminution and immobility. Nephthys represents death, and is associated with the coming into existence of the life that springs from death. Isis and Nephthys were, however, inseparably associated with each other, and in all the important matters which concern the welfare of the deceased, they acted together and appear together in bas-reliefs and vignettes.

Since As Above So Below, the dual action of the two sisters on the cosmic level are found on Earth, and one of their dual manifestations is their representation of fertility of the Land of Egypt.

Isis represents the fertile portions of Earth, while her sister, Nephthys, represents the barren perimeter of fertility. In his Moralia, Vol. V, Plutarch explained it:

." . .the Egyptians hold and believe the earth to be the body of Isis, not all of it, but so much of it as the Nile covers, fertilizing it and uniting with it. . . The outmost parts of the land beside the mountains and bordering on the sea the Egyptians call Nephthys. This is why they give to Nephthys the name of “Finality”.

A perfect explanation of the saying : "From [Mother] Earth to [Mother] Earth -- from Isis to Nephthys!

[An excerpt from Isis The Divine Female by Moustafa Gadalla]