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Osiris : The Lion King

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Osiris : The Lion King

Osiris symbolizes the divine in mortal form. Osiris is usually represented as a mummified, bearded human body wearing the white crown. Osiris is usually depicted [see image below] carrying:

- the shepherd’s crook (being the shepherd of mankind).
- the flail symbolizing the ability to separate wheat from chaff.
- the scepter of supremacy.

Osiris is written with the glyph of the throne and the eye, combining the concepts of legitimacy and divinity. Isis' glyph is the throne/seat and as such she gives her husband Osiris the divine power to rule.[see image below]

Osiris represents the cyclical aspect of nature—the physical creation and its cycles of becoming and returning.

The universal cyclical number par excellence is SEVEN. Seven of something frequently makes a complete set—the 7 days of the week, 7 colors of the spectrum, 7 notes of the musical scale, etc. The cells of the human body are totally renewed every 7 years.

The Egyptian word for the number seven is Sab-aa, which is the same word for Lion.

One of Osiris' titles was The Lion; the same word as Seven.

The zodiac sign of Leo was chosen to signify the time of the year when lions go to the water's edge to drink at the beginning of the rainy season.

Not only is Osiris related to the number seven and to the Lion, but he is also associated with water supply, as we will see later herein.

Since Osiris represents the latent power of resurrection to begin a new cycle, the Egyptians depicted the deathbed in the shape of a lion being number seven (being Osiris).

[Selected excerpts from Egyptian Divinities : The All Who Are The ONE by Moustafa Gadalla