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Sports and Rhythmic Movements [Ancient Egypt]  


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Sports and Rhythmic Movements [Ancient Egypt]

Maintaining a healthy athletic body was/is essential in the Egyptian model. Such perfect conditioning is attributed to the Patron of Alchemy—Thoth. Diodorus, in Book I (16), wrote:

"It was by Thoth, for instance, according to the Egyptians, that . . .he was the first . . .to establish a wrestling school, and to give thought to the rhythmical movement of the human body and its proper development. . . ."

Wrestling [as shown below, from an Ancient Egyptian tomb] is one of the many sports that is practiced by present-day mystical seekers (Sufis).

Rhythmic movements/exercises/games that are practiced by the mystical seekers include, but are not limited to: yoga, martial arts, wrestling, etc. A unique Egyptian rhythmic ritual/game is the performing of routines with wooden swords [as shown below]. This is a very ritualistic and graceful game that requires immense concentration and talent.

The benefits of sports is very important in the life of the mystic, since it combines the benefit of concentration, proper breathing, and, above all, maintaining a healthy body to maintain a healthy mind.

Other sports that were practiced by the Egyptian mystics included: horsemanship, running, etc. The Pharaoh, as the Perfected Man, was required to maintain perfect physical condition, and he was required to go through annual endurance exercises such as running.

[Excerpt fro Egyptian Mystics : Seekers of The Way by Moustafa Gadalla -- translated into more than10 languages]