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The Glorious Gate

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The Glorious Gate
The typical Ancient Egyptian doorway layout incorporated both sacred ratios (pi and phi), as shown and explained herein.
1. The overall outline in the vertical plane is the double-square, 1:2 ratio. [H = 2B]
2. The opening width is based on a square inscribed within a semicircle, the typical Ancient Egyptian way of proportioning a root-five rectangle. Thus, the thickness of the doorjamb is 0.618 the width of the opening.
3. The height of the aperture (h) = 3.1415 = pi
Related Notes:
- The same two ratios were incorporated INTENTIONALLY in the design of the Pyramid of Khufu -- and prior to that in [the collapsed] Snefru's Pyramid at Meidum!
- The overall outline of of 1:2 is the most common in Egyptian design. The same ratio is the most significant in music -- the octave -- a replication of the origin[al] -- a renewed beginning! Also two is the number of Isis --- and on and on ....
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