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The Sacred Geometry of The Mouth of Re/Ra  


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The Sacred Geometry of The Mouth of Re/Ra

The hieroglyphic sign known as the “mouth of Ra” denotes unity. It is derived geometrically from two intersecting circles. As such, it symbolizes a balancing consciousness between two complementary pairs of opposites that are needed to cause creation and its continuance.

When analyzing the geometry of this Egyptian hieroglyph, we find that the centers of the two circular curves form equilateral triangles
The equilateral triangle is related to Thoth
In Ancient Egypt, the words of Ra, revealed through
Thoth, became the things and creatures of this world.

The geometry of this Egyptian hieroglyph reflects this
relationship between Ra and Thoth.

Plutarch, in his Moralia Vol. V about Ancient Egypt, wrote:

"By the spreading of Ibis’ feet, in their relation to each other and to her bill, she makes an equilateral triangle."

Ibis is the sacred bird of Thoth, whose words created the world.

Musically, the Ibis (equilateral) Triangle, in relation to its circumscribed circle, provides the ratio 2:3, the musical
fifth. Therefore, both the shape and sound of this triangle were/are the most pleasing.

[Excerpt from Egyptian Harmony : The Visual Music and The Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Architecture,both by Moustafa Gadalla]

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