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In the Beginning - The "Nothingness"!  

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In the Beginning - The "Nothingness"!

Genesis 1:3-5 describes the pre-creation state of the world:

"The earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit (or wind/air) of God was moving over the face of the waters."

Likewise, in Ancient Egypt,and thousands of years earlier, EVERY Egyptian creation text begins with the same basic premise that before the beginning of things, there was a liquidy primeval abyss everywhere; dark, endless, and without boundaries or directions. Egyptians called this cosmic ocean/watery chaos Nu/Ny/Nun—the unpolarized state of matter. The Bible, however, chose the term “Earth”, which is a cause of major confusion.

This cosmic ocean/watery chaos Nu/Ny/Nun represents the un-polarized state of matter. Water is formless, and of itself it does not take on any shape; nor does it resist being shaped.

Scientists agree with the Ancient Egyptian description of the origin of the universe as being an abyss. Scientists refer to this abyss as 'neutron soup', where there are neither electrons nor protons; only neutrons forming one huge, extremely dense nucleus.

Such chaos, in the pre-creation state, was caused by the compression of matter; i.e. atoms did not exist in their normal states, but were squeezed so closely together that many atomic nuclei were crowded into a space previously occupied by a single normal atom. Under such conditions, the electrons of these atoms were squeezed out of their orbits and moved about freely, i.e. in a chaotic, degenerate state.

Nu/Ny/Nun is the “Subjective Being”; the symbol of the unformed, undefined, undifferentiated energy/matter, inert or inactive; the uncreated state before the creation - it cannot be the cause of its transformation.

The term “infinite”, of course, is synonymous with “not finite”, undefined, unlimited, unshaped, undifferentiated, and so on. This means that the energy/matter out of which all things are formed must be, in its essential state, unformed, undefined, undifferentiated, etc. If the material basis of the world had any essential definitions (formations), these would act as limiting factors to its ability to be transformed infinitely. Its essential lack of definition is an absolute requirement for God’s creative omnipotence.

[Excerpts from Egyptian Cosmology ; The Animated Univers, third edition by Moustafa Gadalla]
For comparison between the Biblical accounts of creation in Genesis and the Ancient Egyptian accounts, check The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla