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The 4th Sphere/Letter 'D'—The Orderly Plan  


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The 4th Sphere/Letter 'D'—The Orderly Plan

9.1 The Role of Letter 'D' in the Creation Cycle

The first group of trio letters 'A', 'B' and 'G' [1, 2 & 3] represents the Primary Trinity of the creation cycle.

From the Primary Trinity emanated two consecutive trio groups in order to complete the works of the First Conceiving Ennead/Phase of Creation. being six acts of creation.

The group of trio letters 'D', 'H' and 'W' [4, 5 & 6] deals with the bringing forth of the attributes of the Creator that will act as the governors and administrators of the physical world—the Creation of the Celestial Government, as follows:

- 4th letter ' D' sets the Divine Creation Order and Administrative Plan.

- 5th letter 'H' connects the Creator [#1] to the Divine Order Plan of the 4th letter 'D'.

- 6th letter 'W' connects the Divine Intellect [#2] to the Divine Order Plan of the 4th letter 'D'.

The first of this group is the sphere/letter 'D'[#4] which sets the unifying holistic Divine Law to govern and maintain the natural working order of the created universe and sets the working relationship between its parts within a unifying orderly system/matrix.

The first act of creation, which corresponds to the 4th sphere, is the framing of the Divine Laws, Maat, that will govern the physical world and the psyche of Man. Other components of Divine Law set the Interrelationship and Interdependence aspects.

Sufi writings echoe this Ancient Egyptian understanding by calling it 'tabi’at-i kull' meaning the Universal Nature—the holistic 'hidden' orderly plan of Uni-celestial government.

The first four [lunar] mansions/spheres of the J350 Leiden Papyrus are missing. However the mansion/sphere of the Letter 'Dh'—being the 25th letter [4th letter from the last 28th letter]—gives the mirror image of the fourth Mansion/Letter 'D', wherein letter 'Dh' (as we will see later) describes the realization of the unifying holistic basis of the workings of nature, Divine Law.


9.2 The Numerical Significance of 'D'
A special property of four is that it is the first perfect square. We say that four [D] is the first perfect square because it is the product of two multi­plied by itself, and any number which is multiplied by itself is a (square) root and the product is a perfect square.

The "four corners" signify The Law.

[More about the mystical aspects of the number four in Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe by Moustafa Gadalla.]


9.3 Names & Meanings of Letter 'D'
Several names are associated with the fourth letter 'D' and they all make sense in the Ancient Egyptian context of cosmic knowledge.

- DaL — as a verb means to guide/explain/show the way/.

- DaLeeL—means a Guide, ordination, process manual.

- DaLYLat—means Divine Laws—Physics—PHYSICALITY.

- DeLihLa—means 'to guide me when I am lost'.

- DoNYa—means Universe.

- DYN—means religion in its sense of setting the divine law of interrelation­ships.


9.4 The Top Four Universal Beings—ABGD
There is an important distinction to be made about the first 4 numbers. The numbers 1 to 4 contain in themselves all numbers, since 1+2+3+4 = 10, while other numbers are compound.

Four terms are needed to account for the principle or idea of ‘substance’. Five terms are needed to account for ‘creation’and for the act of becoming, the event which will come next.

[Chapter 9 from the Egyptian Alphabetical Letters of Creation Cycle by Moustafa Gadalla]