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The 5th Sphere/Letter 'H'—The Divine Infusion  


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The 5th Sphere/Letter 'H'—The Divine Infusion

10.1 The Role of Letter 'H' in the Creation Cycle
The first group of trio letters, 'A', 'B' and 'G' [1, 2 & 3], represents the primary Trinity of the creation cycle.

The second group of trio letters 'D', 'H' and 'W' [4, 5 & 6] deals with the setup for establishing and maintaining order in the creation process, as follows:

- 4th letter 'D' sets the Divine Creation Order and Administrative Plan.

- 5th letter 'H' connects the Creator to the Divine Order Plan of the 4th letter 'D'.

- 6th letter 'W' connects the Divine Intellect to the Divine Order Plan of the 4th letter 'D'.

The previous chapter dealt with the 4th sphere/letter being the letter 'D', which sets the Universal Law & Order within a unifying orderly system/matrix.

The second and third acts of the trio letters 'D', 'H' and 'W'[4, 5 & 6]—being the 5th and 6th letters 'H' and 'W'- deals with Connectivity, but both also are intimately connected to each other; as 'H-W'.

This chapter deals with the 5th letter 'H'. In the following chapter we will focus on the 6th letter 'W' and then go on the intimate connection between the 'twin letters' 'H-W'.

The fifth mansion/letter 'H' represents the infusion of the divine essence into the planned order of creation which was set by the previous act of creation. As such it is shown in numerical terms as being 1+4—the number 1 ['A' The Alpha] infusing the 4th letter 'D' representing the orderly plan of creation.

This was described in the Sufi writings of the Egyptian Ibn Sina as "al-Bari’ (bi’l-idafah)" meaning "Creator in relation to what is below it".

The 5th Letter 'H' accounts for ‘creation’; for the act of becoming, the event. It is the Letter that conceives, quickens, develops and brings forth all things perceived and set forth by The Holy Spirit.

ALL aspects of the fifth sphere/letter 'H', as shown throughout this chapter, are found in poetic format in the fifth stanza of the Ancient Egyptian Papyrus entitled Leiden Papyrus J350—MaNZaLat (Lunar Mansion) no. 5.


10.2 The Sound and Writing Form Significance
- Consistent with its connectivity function, this fifth letter is pronounced in the Egyptian (and, by extension, other “Semitic” languages) in a DOUBLE form as ‘HeH’ with TWO ‘H’ sounds. Additionally, it is also written to affirm its connectivity function between the TWO Horizons, like the number 8 with a horizontal line dividing it into a circle above and a circle below the HORIZON-tal line.

- The horizon is a symbol of the dividing line between the waking consciousness, symbolized by the visible world by day, and the subconscious realm, symbolized by the night.

-The fifth Letter 'Heh' in Egypt is double in its shape—from the divine comes essence; from the created universe comes worship.

-The sound character of the fifth letter 'Heh' as aspirate, being a breathing sound, is singularly spiritual.

- The double emphasizes its CONNECTIVITY, continuity and its infinity, and expresses the character of The Deity, representing the creative principle, the giving of balance or life.


10.3 The Numerical Significance of 'H'
A special property of five is that it is the first recurrent number, also called 'spherical'. This is consistent with its shape/form—being two circles above and below the horizon. To write the number five one half the letter ‘HeH’ is needed, namely, one of the two circles exactly as is written in today's “Arabic” language.

Five is the first recurrent number because when it is multiplied by itself, it returns to itself; and if that number is multiplied by itself, it again returns to its essence - and so on forever. So, for example, five times five is twenty-five, and if this number is multiplied by itself, the product is six hundred and twenty-five, and if this number is again multiplied by itself, the product is 390.625, and if this number is multiplied by itself, the product is another number ending in twenty-five. Five conserves itself and whatever derives from it eternally, whatever it may reach. Five, as such, may also be called the first ‘universal’ number.

The significance and function of number five, in Ancient Egypt, was confirmed by Plutarch when speaking of Horus as the representative of this sacred number in his Moralia, Vol. V:

"And panta (all) is a derivative of pente (five), and they speak of counting as “numbering by fives”.

The number ‘five’ is considered the most important number in mathematics, philosophy, and music.

Both the number five and the typical Egyptian five-pointed star (the symbol of destiny) are associated with Horus. Horus represents the mediator between the earthly existence and the Divine. He is always portrayed in Ancient Egyptian depictions as the mediator presenting the deceased to his “Father in Heaven” Osiris.

Horus (like the Biblical Jesus) represents the ‘Living god’ on earth. He is the Heir, so to speak.

In the Egyptian symbolism of the four elements (water, air, earth and fire), Horus represents the element of air which in Egyptian is called ‘HaWa’, beginning with the letter ‘H’.

Since the 5th Letter 'H' accounts for ‘creation’, for the act of becoming, the event, it will serve as an important unit/block throughout the creation cycle.

[Chapter 10 from the Egyptian Alphabetical Letters of Creation Cycle by Moustafa Gadalla]