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The Orderly Components/stages/states of Creation

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The Orderly Components/stages/states of Creation

Creation is the sorting out (giving definition to / bringing order to) all the chaos (the undifferentiated energy/matter and consciousness) of the primeval state. All of the Ancient Egyptian accounts of creation exhibited this with orderly, well defined, clearly demarcated stages.

Throughout the Ancient Egyptian texts, we consistently find how one state of being develops or better yet emerges into the next state of being. And we always find that any two consecutive states are [mirror] images of each other. Not only is that scientifically correct, it is orderly, natural, and poetic. The Egyptians were famous for writing these scientific and philosophical subjects in poetic forms. Creation is a poetry in motion.

The first stage of creation was represented by the Egyptians as Atam/Atum/Atem emerging out of Nu/Ny/Nun—the pre creation chaos.The orderly creation — in the form of Atam, the Complete One—emerged out of the pre-creation chaotic state of the Nun—the nothingness.
The perpetual cycle of creation goes between the subjective being of Nun—chaotic state—and the Objective Being—The Complete One—Atam.

From the disorder of the pre-creation state of Nun develops or emerges into the next state of being, Atam/Atum/Atem -- The Complete One. We witness how every two consecutive stages are [mirror]images of each other. Nun and Atam are images of each other, like the "numbers" 0 and 1—0 is nothing, nil, and 1 means the all.

Again and again, we find the sequence of creation is based on one stage being the natural progression as well as the [mirror] image of the following stage—and in reverse. From active-passive to passive-active is the chain reaction (so to speak) of creation.

As man is an image of creation/universe, man consists of nine components that follow the same sequence and nature of the creation itself -- The Ennead (Company of Nine). And in earthly terms will be the Nine months of human gestation.
Comprehensive, logical, consistent and scientific. And I was assigned to peruse it and write it down -:)