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The Theme of the First Phase/Ennead -- The Conceiving Phase/Ennead

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The Theme of the First Phase/Ennead
The Conceiving Phase/Ennead
[The [Ancient] Egyptian alphabetical sequence is the ABGDHWZ. that was stolen and renamed"arabic"]
The theme of the First Phase (1-9 'A'-'T.') is the objectification of a circumscribed area of undifferentiated energy/matter wherein the world will be manifested. It consists of the establishment of order and the co-factors of lifeforms as the foundation for the world.
Creation is the sorting out (giving definition to/bringing order to) of all the chaos (the undifferentiated energy/matter and consciousness) of the primeval state. All of the Ancient Egyptian accounts of creation are exhibited with orderly, well defined, clearly demarcated stages.
Meditation on the sequence of the spheres from the top down reveals a gradual progression of qualities from the undifferentiated to the full differentiation of the tenth sphere—being the beginning of the Second phase of the Creation Cycle.
Phase One consists basically of three consecutive groups, each of which consists of 3 stages/letters/numbers. The sequence flow is as follows:
1- 3 The Primary Trinity—['A', 'B' and 'G']
4-6 Establishing and maintaining order—['D', 'H' and 'W']
7-9 Creating Physical entities and Events—['Z','H.' ,'T.']
[More details in Egyptian Alphabetical letters of Creation Cycle by Moustafa Gadalla]
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