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The Universal Trinity & Duality

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The Universal Trinity & Duality

As we have seen, it takes three components to create and bring something to life. So the prototype of generations encompasses three elements of the Creator Trinity, which are represented in the briefest description.

The first is The One, or First Existent—called Atam by the Egyptians; The Complete One—the One who is the all.

The second is the feminine principle called Isis which contains the Divine Mind, or First Thinker and Thought - the place of metaphysical and physical conception—the womb, the chamber, the entire universe.

The third is the masculine, animated, lively, dynamic, energetic principle called Osiris, known as the Universal Soul.

The Ancient Egyptians recognized the significance of trinity in the creation process. As such, Ancient Egyptian texts rendered the trinity as a unity expressed by the singular pronoun: it is the Three that are Two that are One.

The Triad is The Divinity, and is Divine. It is the expression of the outgoing energy of the Divinity. Such is eloquently expressed in the Ancient Egyptian text, known as the Bremner-Rhind Papyrus:

"I was anterior to the Two Anteriors that I made,
for I had priority over the Two Anteriors that I made,
for my name was anterior to theirs,
for I made them anterior to the Two Anteriors..."

The Egyptian text shows us that Unity, becoming conscious of itself, creates polarized energy - two new elements, each of which share in the nature of the One and of the Other. In other words, each of the female and male principles partakes of the other.

On the intellectual level, the female principle is both passive and active, for Isis conceives the plan in a passive mode, then provides life to the plan; thus reflecting her activeness as an extension of her passiveness; i.e. the intellect and world soul stand in the relation to active and passive intellect.

Intellect is as it is: always the same, resting in a static activity. This is a feminine attribute. Movement towards it and around it is the work of Soul, proceeding from Intellect to Soul and making Soul intellectual; not making another nature between Intellect and Soul.

And on the soul level, Isis is the passive and Osiris the active soul.

Again and again, we find the sequence of creation is based on one stage being the natural progression as well as the image of the following stage—and in reverse. From active-passive to passive-active is the chain reaction (so to speak) of creation.

Time is presented as the ‘life’ of the Soul in contrast to Eternity, which is the mode of existence of Intellect. However, Soul is an entity that spans various levels of reality, and we find that, on occasion, the highest aspect, at least, of Soul is largely assimilated to intellect.

The relation of the soul to the intellect is like the relation of the light of the moon to the light of the sun. Just as when the moon becomes full from the light of the sun, its light becomes an imitation of the light of the sun in the same way when the soul receives the effusion from the intellect, when its virtues become perfect and its acts imitate the acts of the intellect. When its virtues become perfect, then it knows its essence or self and the reality of its substance.

The combined forces of the divine mind and divine soul make the creation of the natural world possible. Isis as the Divine-Intellectual-Principle has two Acts: that of upward contemplation of The One and that of ‘generation’ towards the lower All-Soul. Likewise, the All-Soul has two Acts: it at once contemplates the Intellectual Principle and ‘generates’ (in the bounty of its own perfection) the Nature-Looking and Generative Soul, whose operation it is to generate or fashion the lower, material Universe upon the model of the Divine-Thoughts; the ‘Ideas’ laid up within the Divine-Mind. The All-Soul is the mobile cause of movement as well as of Form (or material or sense-grasped Universe) which is the Soul’s Act and emanation, image, and ‘shadow’.

With the combined forces of female and male energies, the creation plan can come to life.

[Excerpts from Egyptian Cosmology : The Animated Universe, third edition and Isis The Divine Female both by Moustafa Gadalla] Both books are found in at least ten languages.