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Is alchemy science or religion or both?

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Is alchemy science or religion or both?

Science is Religion and Religion is Science

For the Egyptians there is no distinction between science and religion. Their most religious texts are scientific and their most scientific texts are religious.

Egyptians make no distinction between sacred and mundane. Such thinking is the actual application of As above so below and as below so above. To describe the people that walked the talk as primitive is primitive.

As such one must look at the so-called daily scenes depicted in Egyptian tombs as pictorial representations of meta-physical concepts. as below so above

The Ancient and Baladi Egyptians made/make no distinction between a metaphysical state of being and one with a material body. Such a distinction is a mental illusion, as accepted now in scientific circles, since Einstein’s relativity theory—that matter is a form of energy.

Since Einstein’s relativity theory, it has been known and accepted that matter is a form of energy—a coagulation or condensation of energy. Energy is made up of molecules rotating or vibrating at various rates of speed. In the “physical” world, molecules rotate at a very slow and constant rate of speed. That is why things appear to be solid, for our earthly senses.

The slower the speed, the more dense or solid the thing. In the metaphysical (spirit) world, the molecules vibrate at a much faster, or ethereal dimension—where things are freer and less dense.

In this light, the universe is basically a hierarchy of energies, at different orders of density. Our senses have some access to the densest form of energy, which is matter.

The hierarchy of energies is interrelated, and each level is sustained by the level below it. This hierarchy of energies is set neatly into a vast matrix of deeply interfaced natural laws. It is both physical and metaphysical.

[A portion of a lecture that I gave in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA about 'Egyptian Alchemy']