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Pure Gold (Purifying the Heart and Tongue)

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Pure Gold (Purifying the Heart and Tongue)

The Ancient Egyptian transformational (funerary) texts are permeated with purity as a prerequisite for advancing to higher realms/heavens. The Egyptian model of mysticism stresses that purity can only be achieved through purifying the heart and practicing pure intent in ordinary daily life.

In the Ancient Egyptian traditions, the active faculties of Atum/Atam/Adam (The Perfect Man) were intelligence, which was identified with the heart and identified as Horus—a solar neter (god) - and action, which was identified with the tongue and identified as Thoth—a lunar neter (god). The solar and lunar neteru (gods) stress his universal character. In the Shabaka Stele (dated from the 8th century BCE, but it is a reproduction of a 3rd Dynasty text), we read:

"There came into being as the heart (Horus), and there came into being as the tongue (Thoth), the form of Atam".

One thinks with the heart and acts with the tongue, as described on the Shabaka Stele:

"The Heart thinks all that it wishes, and the Tongue delivers all that it wishes."

The significance of heart and tongue permeates Ancient Egyptian texts and was subsequently adopted in “Sufism”.

[An excerpt from Egyptian Mystics : seekers of The Way by Moustafa Gadalla]