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Sleeping With The Enemy (Surviving Islam)

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Sleeping With The Enemy (Surviving Islam)

Theosophy was and continues to be a dangerous game to play in Islamized countries. Since the preaching of Union with God is open to the charge of blasphemy (and subsequent death), it was necessary to disguise the mystical principles and practices, to keep Islamists at bay. Islam sees itself as the final and full revelation of God. The mystics (Sufis), under the ironclad Islamic rule, have been suffering and are being killed by Islamists. In order to survive under the ironclad rule of Islam, the Egyptian mystics (Sufis) follow the saying, “Stay away from Devil and sing the praises to Him”. Here are a few examples of how these mystics continue to survive Islam:

1. Building mosques next to the shrines of the folk saints (Walis). In other words, they are hiding in the shadow of Islam.

4. The mystics (Sufis) were/are able to capitalize on the chaotic natures of the Koranic verses, to find ways to justify their teachings and practices.The mystics (Sufis) became more familiar with the Koran than Islamists; quoting Koranic verses out of context, finding cracks in the Islamic doctrine, and using them very well in defense of their practices.

6. The mystics (Sufis) use the figurative style in their expressions as a mask for mysteries that they desired to keep secret. They also use oblique meanings for common words, in order to throw off Islamists and as a protection against accusations of heresy or civil disobedience.

7. The mystics dress up mystical (Sufi) concepts in an Islamic garment and generously give the credit to Islam and Mohammed. As a result, they pay an exaggerated deference to the Islamic “Prophet” and to his cousin Ali, in order to keep on good terms with Islamists. As such, they assert (contrary to Islamic doctrine) that Sufism had its rise in Mohammed himself, and that all the mystical (Sufi) fellowships trace their lines of succession back to him and his four successors. The mystics (Sufis) assert (contrary to the Islamic doctrine) that Mohammed has been the recipient of a two-fold revelation: one embodied in the contents of the Koran; the other within his heart. The former was meant for all and is binding on all; the latter was to be transmitted to the chosen few through lines of succession.

12. All Ancient Egyptian festivals have been continued under “Islamized names”.

14. Ancient Egyptian folkloric stories survived Islamic rule by changing the names of characters and places. For example, a common Egyptian-told story of The Shah of Persia and his Daughter is almost exactly like the tale told to Herodotus about Menkaura (Mykerinos), his daughter, and the golden image of a cow.

[Excerpts from Egyptian Mystics : Seekers of The Way, 2nd edition by Moustafa Gadalla]