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The Four Connectivity Letters in The Egyptian ABGD

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The Four Connectivity Letters in The Egyptian ABGD

In the Egyptian (and by extension other "Semitic" languages) alphabet [ABGD Sequence] there are four letters, each has a double sound and form.They are;

Letters 'H'[Heh], ,'W''[WaW], 'M'[MyM] and 'N'[NwN]

Such letters have a connectivity function in the [alphabetical letters of]Creation Cycle.

The Fifth letter in the sequence ABGD is the letter 'H' Here its Sound and Writing Form Significance:

- Consistent with its connectivity function, this fifth letter in pronounced in the Egyptian (and by extension other "Semitic" languages) in a DOUBLE form as 'HeH' with TWO 'H' sounds. Additionally it is also written to affirm its connectivity function—between the TWO Horizons—like the number 8 with a horizontal line dividing it into a circle above and a circle below the HORIZEN-tal line.

It is a connectivity between upper and lower realms

- The horizon is a symbol of the dividing line between the waking consciousness, symbolized by the visible world by day, and the subconscious realm, symbolized by the night.
-The fifth Letter 'Heh' in Egypt is double in its shape—from the divine comes essence—from the created universe comes worship.

-The sound character of the fifth letter 'Heh' as aspirate being a breathing sound is singularly spiritual.

- The double emphasizes its CONNECTIVITY, continuity and its infinity, and expresses the character of The Deity—representing the creative principle, the giving of balance or life.
And while 'H' is a connectivity between upper and lower realms. The following letter in the sequence of creation is the connectivity between two circles ["oceans"] which is the shape/form of the 6th letter 'WaW'

'WaW' as a word means and/with/together with and is considered to be the image of mystery most profound and most incomprehensible, the symbol of the knot that unites.

[Excerpts from Egyptian Alphabetical Letters of Creation Cycle by Moustafa Gadalla]

Of how the fifth and six letters of 'H' and 'W' became 'E' and 'F' in English, read The Ancient Egyptian Universal writing Modes By Moustafa Gadalla]