«Изучение учения мудрости должно быть непрерывным процессом, в котором учения становятся преобладающим фактором жизни». — древняя египетская пословица

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Насладитесь увлекательным изучением древнеегипетской культуры и мудрости.

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The Metaphysical Structure of the Universe

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The Metaphysical Structure of the Universe

1- The Energy Realms of the Universe

The Ancient and Baladi Egyptians made/make no distinction between a metaphysical state of being and one with a material body. Such a distinction is a mental illusion, as accepted now in scientific circles, since Einstein’s relativity theory—that matter is a form of energy.

Since Einstein’s relativity theory, it has been known and accepted that matter is a form of energy—a coagulation or condensation of energy. Energy is made up of molecules rotating or vibrating at various rates of speed. In the “physical” world, molecules rotate at a very slow and constant rate of speed. That is why things appear to be solid, for our earthly senses. The slower the speed, the more dense or solid the thing. In the metaphysical (spirit) world, the molecules vibrate at a much faster, or ethereal dimension—where things are freer and less dense.

In this light, the universe is basically a hierarchy of energies, at different orders of density. Our senses have some access to the densest form of energy, which is matter. The hierarchy of energies is interrelated, and each level is sustained by the level below it. This hierarchy of energies is set neatly into a vast matrix of deeply interfaced natural laws. It is both physical and metaphysical.

The faster form of energies—these invisible energies in the universe—are called spirits by many. Spirits/energies are organized at different orders of densities, which relates to the different speeds of molecules. These faster (invisible) energies inhabit certain areas, or are associated with particular natural phenomena. Spirits (energies) exist in family-type groups (i.e. related to each other).

Energies may occupy, at will, a more condensed energy (matter), such as human, animal, plant, or any form. The spirit animates the human body at birth, and leaves it at death. Sometimes, more than one energy spirit enters a body. We often hear a person ‘not feeling himself/herself’, or is ‘temporarily insane’, ‘possessed’, ‘beside oneself’, or a person has multiple personalities. The energies (spirits) have an effect on all of us, to one degree or another.

Since the created universe is orderly, its energy matrix is likewise a well-oiled machine with nine interpenetrating and interacting realms.
Ancient and Baladi Egyptians believe that the universal energy matrix consists of the unity inter-penetrating and interactive nine realms, which are commonly classified as seven heavens (metaphysical realms) and two earths (physical realms). The number 8 is our physical (earthly) realm. The last realm—number 9—is where our complimentary opposite exists. These two are refered to as 'The Two Lands' in the Ancient Egyptian texts ; and which continue to be very much in use in the Egyptian society being recognized as 'Qareen/Qareena't'.
[For more detailed information about this subject, read Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe by same author.]

2- The Two Heavenly Courts

The Egyptians distinguished two broad distinctions in the hierarchical metaphysical structure of the seven heavens:
A. At the highest end of this celestial order, there exist three levels in a sort of heavenly court or council that is the equivalents of the Arch-angels and the Orders of Angels which we find in other systems of religion. Those are not involved with human activities on earth

B. The Egyptians distinguished four lower groups that occupy in the celestial hierarchy positions identical with those of some Oriental Christian systems, the prophets, apostles, martyrs, and many great saints. Those lived on earth for one time or another and after their earthly departure they continue to be involved with human activities on earth.

In all periods of Egyptian history a class of beings, some of whom are male and some female. These had many forms and shapes, and could appear on earth as men, women, animals, birds, reptiles, trees, plants, etc. They were stronger and more intelligent than men, but they had passions like men; they were credited with possessing some divine powers or characteristics, and yet they could suffer sickness and die.
[More info about the interaction between beings/energies in the universe is found in Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe by same author.]

3 - The Nine Components of Man

For the Egyptians, man being a universal replica consists likewise of nine components—two related to the earthly existence and seven related to metaphysical existence.
The whole man consists of:
1. A natural body—Khat
2. A Spirit-body—Sahu
3. A heart—Ab
4. A double—Ka [the astral body]
5. A Heart-soul—Ba [the ethereal body],
6. A shadow—Khaibet
7. A Spirit-soul—Khu
8. A name—Ren
9. A vital force—Sekhem

The details, relationships and dynamics between the various components can be found in Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe and Egyptian Mystics: Seekers of The Way, both by Moustafa Gadalla.