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Qareens of the Two Lands

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Qareens of the Two Lands

The term Two Lands is very familiar to the Baladi Egyptians, who refer to it in their daily life. It is their strong belief that there are Two Lands—the one we live on, and another one where our identical twins (of the opposite sex) live. The two are subject to the same experiences from date of birth to date of death. You and your “Siamese” twin, who “apparently” separate at birth, will reunite again at the moment of death.

The Baladi Egyptian Enumerators describe, in their lamentations after the death of a person, how the deceased is being prepared to join his/her counterpart (of the opposite sex) AS IF it is a marriage ceremony. This is reminiscent of the many symbolic illustrations in Ancient Egypt of the tying the knot of the Two Lands. To be married is to tie the knot.

In the Egyptian common language, the word Qareen means "a spouse".

As far back as the Unas (so-called “Pyramid”) Texts, one finds that the Pharaoh Unas (2356–2323 BCE) unites/ joins with Isis immediately after departing the earthly realm. This is based on the premise that since every man is Osiris in his “dead” form, each joins his/her counterpart (Isis, in the case of a man) at the moment of earthly departure.

[An excerpt from Egyptian Cosmology The Animated universe, 3rd edition by Moustafa Gadalla]

In the universal energy matrix, our earthly realm is the 8th realm and the qareens are in the final 9th realm.The ratio 8:9 is the most potent ratio in creation -- 2 in the 3rd power : 3 in the second power. The [Egyptian] Primary numbers are 2 [Isis] and 3 [Osiris].
The ratio 8:9 is known in musical terms as 'The Perfect Tone'
The ration 8:9 is the ratio of the "sacred squaring the circle"
[These subjects are discussed in detalis in other publications by Moustafa Gadalla]