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The Unshaven Traveler [Osiris]

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The Unshaven Traveler [Osiris]
At the beginning of the the Isis Rises Operetta, Osiris will appear to the anxiously waiting Egyptian crowds to welcome his safe home return after traveling the world spreading the 'Word'. Osiris will appear unshaven as per the ancient Egyptian custom of not shaving while traveling.
The tradition of the unshaven Egyptian traveler was well recognized by classical Greek and Roman writers such as Diodorus, who wrote in his Book I, [2]:
"And when all his [travel] preparations had been completed Osiris made a vow to the gods that he would let his hair grow until his return to Egypt and then made his way through Ethiopia[old term for Africa]; and this is the reason why this custom with regard to their hair was observed among the Egyptians until recent times, and why those who journeyed abroad let their hair grow until their return home".
On a side note, it is not too difficult to prove that most[if not all] groups in the world whose males do not shave are "lost" ancient Egyptian colonies/settlements -- most obvious are the Sikhs in the Punjabi region/state of India. The evidence is overwhelming and stunning!!! Another story foe another day 🙂
I also can't help thinking of Samson and his long hair! Another story for another day 🙂