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The Phenomenal Five

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The Phenomenal Five

The significance and function of number five, in Ancient Egypt, is indicated by the manner in which it was written. The number 5 in Ancient Egypt was written as 2 (II) above 3 (III), or as a five-pointed star. In other words: number 5 is the result of the relationship between number 2 and number 3.

Two symbolizes the power of multiplicity - the female, mutable receptacle - while Three symbolizes the male. This was the ‘music of the spheres’; the universal harmonies played out between these two primal male and female universal symbols of Osiris and Isis, whose heavenly marriage produced the child Horus.

Plutarch confirmed this Egyptian wisdom in Moralia Vol. V:

"Three [Osiris] is the first perfect odd number: four is a square whose side is the even number two [Isis]; but five [Horus] is in some ways like to its father, and in some ways like to its mother, being made up of three and two. And panta (all) is a derivative of pente (five), and they speak of counting as “numbering by fives”.

Five incorporates the principles of polarity (II) and reconciliation (III). All phenomena, without exception, are polar in nature and treble in principle. Therefore, five is the key to understanding the manifested universe, as per Plutarch on the Egyptian thinking:

"... And panta (all) is a derivative of pente (five)."

Five may also be called the first ‘universal’ number. Five accounts for ‘creation’. It is that which conceives, quickens, develops and brings forth all things perceived and set forth by The Holy Spirit.

Five is the building block in the creation process.

The number ‘five’ is considered the most important number in mathematics, philosophy, and music. [More details in other publications byMoustafa Gadalla- shown below]


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