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The Most Endearing Egyptian Term : [My] Heart- Soul -- Roh Qalby!

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The Most Endearing Egyptian Term : [My] Heart- Soul -- Roh Qalby!

We exist on a number of different levels at once, from the most physical to the most spiritual. Indeed, in one sense there is no difference between physical and spiritual; only the gradations that lie between the two ends of the spectrum.

In the Ancient Egyptian cosmology, the whole man consists of nine components Smack in the middle at number/realm 5 is the most endearing term in the Egyptian Society : Heart- Soul [Roh Qalb] -- mostly recognized in Ancient Egyptian texts as the 'Ba'. It is generally recognized in our presnt times as the 'Etheric Body'.

5. Ba—The Heart-Soul (Etheric Body)

While component #3 above is khu the spirit soul, the 5th component here represents the heart soul.

Later on, we will find heart Ab [Ba spelled in reverse] as the 7th component.

It must always be remembered that the term 'heart' does not mean a physical human organ, but consciousness.

Therefore Ba as the heart-soul represents the totality of man’s vital forces that include both physical and psychic capacities. As such, the Ba is depicted as a man-headed bird.

The Benu bird represents the totality of the concept of Ba in the universe.

In the cycle of creation that reflects the role of the dual Ra and Osiris/Aus-Ra, the Bennu bird is referred to as both Ba of Ra and Ba of Osiris/Aus-Ra—the all-encompassing BA.

In summary, the Ba represents:

- External manifestation
- Embodiment of power/vital force

The manifestation of power or power manifested cannot exist independently (of the body); and therefore the human Ba must maintain contact with body.

[An excerpt from Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe by Moustafa Gadalla]


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