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The Stockholm Syndrome of The Arab Colony of Egypt

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The Stockholm Syndrome of The Arab Colony of Egypt

It has been written (and repeated) that the Ancient Egyptians accepted the domination of the Ptolemaic and Roman rules (332 BCE – 641 BCE), that they had willingly changed their religious beliefs into Christianity, and a short time later, they willingly accepted Islam as a substitute for Christianity. Accordingly, many conflicting sides who use Ancient Egypt to promote each’s own agenda insist that the ancient beliefs and traditions have died. The truth is that the ancient beliefs and traditions never died, and they continue to survive within the silent majority—the Baladi people of Egypt. Even though the loud minority—the Afrangi (meaning foreign-like) Egyptians—dominate the spotlight in government, academia, the media, etc., the Baladi Egyptians continue to maintain their ancestral traditions.

Because of the ironclad control of Islam over history writing since 642 CE, Moslem historians publicize that Egyptians forgot their identity and became a part of a big happy family called “Arabs”. No one can dare oppose the line that Islam “saved” Egypt from the previous GaheLiya (ignorance era). As a result, we witness an intellectual state of terrorism that conceals realities into a cloud of dust.

The Baladi Egyptians, however, have learned to survive playing with an egg and a stone (so to speak), so as to maintain the ancient traditions under a thin layer of Islam: In other words, to give the “devil” its due—in lip service—in order to survive.