Egyptian Architecture

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Ancient Egyptian temples were splendid architectural achievements. But did you know that their purpose was different from that of more modern religious edifices? For instance, those temples were not places of public worship. Instead they were reserved for the King or his designated substitute. You can find out more in an excerpt from our book […]

Egyptian Ideograms

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Have you ever wondered how the Egyptian hieroglyphics were devised and organized? In a nutshell, they are divided into three roles: imitative, figurative, and allegorical. You can find out more in our article on this subject, which is a chapter from our book on the subject. After you’ve read the article, you might have questions […]


The Social and Political System

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Unlike Hollywood’s depiction of the pharaoh as a wealthy tyrant, the ancient Egyptian pharoah lived in humble and tightly controlled circumstances because of his special relationship between the physical world and the supernatural or metaphysical realm. You can learn more about the pharaoh’s role as the “master servant” in this article. Let’s start a discussion […]

Egypt and the World – Past and Present

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Modern systems of government, with their divisions of responsibilities between a powerful individual and various councils, had precursors in ancient Egyptian civilization. Consider the United Kingdom, with a monarch, a prime minister and a parliament. In ancient Egypt, these roles had similar divisions,  with a pharaoh, a governor, and a council of elders for administration. […]