Nut — The Spirit Of The Sky

Nut — The Spirit Of The Sky


In her role as the firmament, Isis is recognized as Nut.

Nut is associated with many related functions, such as:

A. The Firmament of Heaven

B. Nut and Geb—The Celestial Sphere

C. Nut The Heavenly Astronomical Starry Sky, as she relates to:

– sun/solar and moon/lunar principles
– zodiac cycle

D. Nut the Spirit of the Sky; as being present in:

– coffins and coffin lids
– Tomb chambers
– Tree of life Nourishment and Rebirth

D. Nut The Spirit Of The Sky

Nut as the Spirit of the Sky is prominently depicted in the resting places of the Ancient Egyptians, in tomb chambers, coffins, and coffin lids.



And here, in the tomb chambers:



As the nourishing mother spirit of heaven, Nut springs out from the tree of life to offer the souls of the deceased an everlasting metaphysical nourishment.


[An excerpt from Isis: The Divine Female by Moustafa Gadalla]