The Post-Pharaonic Egyptian History As Foretold In Hermetica

The Post-Pharaonic Egyptian History As Foretold In Hermetica


After almost 2,000 years, the Ancient Egyptian writing, known as Hermetica, continues to be proven accurate. Here are portions of the powerful prophecy, stated in Asclepius III 24-26:

Firstly, it talks about the cosmic importance of Egypt (not Greece).

“Do you not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven or, to be more precise, that everything governed and moved in heaven came down to Egypt and was transferred there? If truth were told, our land is the temple of the whole world.”

Secondly, it predicted the demise of ancient Egypt.

“And yet, since it befits the wise to know all things in advance, of this you must not remain ignorant: a time will come when it will appear that the Egyptians paid respect to divinity with faithful mind and painstaking reverence — to no purpose. All their holy worship will be disappointed and perish without effect, for divinity will return from earth to heaven, and Egypt will be abandoned. The land that was the seat of reverence will be widowed by the powers and left destitute of their presence. When foreigners occupy the land and territory, not only will reverence fall into neglect but, even harder, a prohibition under penalty prescribed by law (so-called) will be enacted against reverence, fidelity and divine worship. Then this most holy land, seat of shrines and temples, will be filled completely with tombs and corpses.”

  • Foreigners (Ptolemies, Romans, and Arabs) did occupy Egypt.
  • Foreigners (Romans and Arabs) did enact “prohibition under penalty prescribed by law (so-called)” against the Ancient Egyptian belief system, and this is still in effect under present laws.

Thirdly, it predicted how a sizeable portion of the Egyptian population (commonly identified as the Afrangi Egyptians) would desert their traditions, and how they would scorn their own past (exactly as it happened, as a result of the christian and islamic onslaughts and continuing domination).

“O Egypt, Egypt, of your reverent deeds only stories will survive, and they will be incredible to your children! Only words cut in stone will survive to tell your faithful works, and the Scythian or Indian or some such neighbor barbarian will dwell in Egypt. For divinity goes back to heaven, and all the people will die, deserted, as Egypt will be widowed and deserted by god and human. I call to you, most holy river, and I tell your future: a torrent of blood will fill you to the banks, and you will burst over them; not only will blood pollute your divine waters, it will also make them break out everywhere, and the number of the entombed will be much larger than the living. Whoever survives will be recognized as Egyptian only by his language; in his actions he will seem a foreigner.”

Christianity and islam were created after Hermetica was written. Disorder, anarchy, and greed followed. Hermetica prophesized it:

[25] “Asclepius, why do you weep? Egypt herself will be persuaded to deeds much wickeder than these, and she will be steeped in evils far worse. A land once holy, most loving of divinity, by reason of her reverence the only land on earth where the neteru (gods) settled, she who taught holiness and fidelity will be an example of utter [un]belief. In their weariness the people of that time will find the world nothing to wonder at or to worship. This all — a good thing that never had nor has nor will have its better — will be endangered. People will find it oppressive and scorn it. They will not cherish this entire world, a work of god beyond compare, a glorious construction, a bounty composed of images in multiform variety, a mechanism for god’s will ungrudgingly supporting his work, making a unity of everything that can be honored, praised and finally loved by those who see it, a multiform accumulation taken as a single thing.”

“They will prefer shadows to light, and they will find death more expedient than life. No one will look up to heaven. The reverent will be thought mad, the irreverent wise; the lunatic will be thought brave, and the scoundrel will be taken for a decent person. Soul and all teachings about soul (that soul began as immortal or else expects to attain immortality) as I revealed them to you will be considered not simply laughable but even illusory. But – believe me – whoever dedicates himself to reverence of mind will find himself facing a capital penalty. They will establish new laws, new justice. Nothing holy, nothing reverent nor worthy of heaven or heavenly beings will be heard of or believed in the mind.”

The prophecy was/is proven correct: that “whoever dedicates himself to reverence of mind will find himself facing a capital penalty…”, because it is a moslems duty to kill others, in the effort to spread islam, such as in jihads. Also, if a born-moslem person dares to leave islam, and/or commit blasphemy (which can be interpreted in any way a moslem wants), a loyal moslem is “compelled” to kill that person, according to the koran.
The text of Hermetica continues:

“How mournful when the neteru (gods) withdraw from mankind! Only the baleful angels remain to mingle with humans, seizing the wretches and driving them to every outrageous crime — war, looting, trickery and all that is contrary to the nature of souls. Then neither will the earth stand firm nor the sea be sailable; stars will not cross heaven nor will the course of the stars stand firm in heaven. Every divine voice will grow mute in enforced silence. The fruits of the earth will rot; the soil will no more be fertile; and the very air will droop in gloomy lethargy.”

But the most accurate prophecy declares that at this, the darkest hour, the light is about to shine again on Egypt and the whole world. For as Hermetica states:

[26] “Such will be the old age of the world: irreverence, disorder, disregard for everything good. When all this comes to pass, Asclepius, then God will look on this conduct and these willful crimes, and in an act of will, he will take his stand against the vices and the perversion in everything, righting wrongs, washing away malice in a flood or consuming it in fire or ending it by spreading pestilential disease everywhere. Then he will restore the world to its beauty of old so that the world itself will again seem deserving of worship and wonder, and with constant benedictions and proclamations of praise the people of that time will honor God who makes and restores so great a work. And this will be the geniture of the world: a reformation of all good things and a restitution, most holy and most reverent, of nature itself, reordered in the course of time [but through an act of will], which is and was everlasting and without beginning. For God’s will has no beginning; it remains the same, everlasting in its present state. God’s nature is deliberation; will is the supreme goodness.”

It is time for rebirth. The wicked Pisces Age has ended. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. The cleansing process will continue (as per section 26 above) until the cosmic harmony is restored.


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