This book is divided into five parts containing a total of 35 chapters.

Part I. Egyptian Alphabetical Letters of Creation Cycle has four chapters:

Chapter 1: Historical Deception of the (Ancient) Egyptian Linguistics will clear the intended confusion to hide the alphabetical form of writing in Ancient Egypt—as being the archetype of all languages throughout the world.

Chapter 2: The Principles and Principals of Creation covers the basic components of the creation cycle in the Ancient Egyptian accounts.

Chapter 3: The Cosmic Manifestation of the Egyptian Alphabets covers the natural orderly progression of the emanated divine energy, and the its manifestation in the monthly lunar mansion changes; the correlations between the sequence of the ABGD letters and their numerical values.

Chapter 4: The Three Primary Phases of the Creation Cycle covers the nature of the creation cycle consisting of three phases, as found in the Ancient Egyptian accounts and later on duplicated in Sufi (and other) writings.

Part II. The Conceiving Phase/Ennead has ten chapters—5 through 14:

Chapter 5: The Theme of the First Phase/Ennead covers the theme of the First Phase/Ennead (1-9 ‘A’ -‘T.’ ) as the objectification of a circumscribed area of undifferentiated energy/matter, wherein the world will be manifested.

It consists of the establishment of order and the co-factors of life-forms as the foundation for the world. Phase One consists basically of three consecutive groups. Each of which consists of 3 stages/letters/numbers.

Chapters 6 through 14 cover the first nine letters—each covering its role in the Creation Cycle, its sequence significance, its sound and writing form significance, its numerical significance, its names and meanings thereof, as well as its peculiar properties and nature/impact/influence.

Part III. The Orderly Manifestation Phase/Ennead has ten chapters—15 through 24:

Chapter 15: The Theme of the Second Phase/Ennead covers the theme of the Second Phase/Ennead, the orderly manifestation of creation. This Second Phase deals with the creation of the noumenal and phenomenal planes—the two grand subdivisions of the manifested world. The letters of this Phase are therefore arranged in two groups of four letters and the middle letter ‘N’ overlaps the two planes:

‘Y’, ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’ ‘N’ ‘S’, ‘A.’ , ‘F’, ‘S.’

Chapters 16 through 24 cover the second nine letters—each covering same topics as in the prior group of nine letters.

Part IV. The Reunification Phase/Ennead has ten chapters—25 through 34:

Chapter 25 covers the theme of the Third Phase/Ennead which is the Ascending and Reunification Phase that leads to a NEW Alpha—Heru-Akhti of The Two Horizons.

Chapters 26 through 34 cover the third nine letters—each covering same topics as in the other two groups of nine letters.

Part V being chapter 35 covers the 28th Mansion/Letter ‘Gh‘—representing The New Alpha.

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