The Metaphysical Funnel Conduit Design

The Metaphysical Funnel Conduit Design


The design of the temple usually started from the sanctuary, which is the focal point. The typical Egyptian temple plan increases in width and height from the sanctuary towards the front. This over-all delimitation was based upon a “telescopic system” of design.

The same telescopic configuration applied to the vertical plan, whereby the floor of the temple descended and the roofs ascended, outwardly, towards the temple’s pylons.

This beautiful aerial view of the temple at Medinet Habu in Luxor clearly shows the graduation in height between the back and front of the temple. The aerial view also allows us to see how the temple was divided into various areas, each with its own entry point. Looking at the temple from its point of entry, we can see the perfect alignments of all openings throughout the temple, and the effect of such telescopic design.

Here, we are looking from the sanctuary towards the temple entrance, which shows us the telescopic design in the other direction.


Here is another example of telescopic design in the Deir Medinet Temple in Luxor.


In Abydos Temple—the same telescopic design.


In Kom Ombo Temple.


In Philae Temple in Aswan:.


The telescopic design allows the flow of energy from human beings towards the seat of the Divine energy in the sanctuary.

If the divine energy accepts the offering from a human, it will radiate its divine energy outwardly from the seat of the divine energy to the entrance gateway of the temple.

The depiction in the Egyptian temple shows us how man approaches the divine by presenting offerings—the fruit of labor.

Offering processions entering and proceeding towards the focal point of the temple or tomb is a constant theme.

At the end of the Great Court, the Pharaoh or his designates will systematically provide ritualistic offerings to the divine forces as they proceed towards the holy of holiest.

The divine energies will respond to the proper action of man by radiating its divine energies to the benefit of all the worthy.