The Way Of Horus/Christ

The Way Of Horus/Christ


Horus declares, in The Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Light (incorrectly known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead) [c. 78]: I am Horus in glory”; I am the Lord of Light”; “I am the victorious one . . . I am the heir of endless time”; “I am he that knoweth the paths of heaven.”

The above Ancient Egyptian verses were echoed later in Jesus’ words “I am the light of the world” and again, “I am the way, the truth and the life.

Horus, in the Ancient Egyptian language, means He who is above. As such, Horus represents the realized divine principle. Horus is the personification of the goal of all initiated teachings, and is always depicted as accompanying the realized soul to the Source.

In the Ancient Egyptian allegory, Horus brought Osiris to life. On Judgment Day, Horus shows the Way to Osiris. He acts as a mediator between the deceased and Osiris, The Father. All Egyptians wanted/want Horus to bring them (when dead) to life.

Likewise in Christianity, the Christian motif was/is based on the need for a mediator and a son of god as an all-powerful shepherd and a begotten savior living among the common man.

As the model of earthly existence, Horus is represented in several forms and aspects to correspond with the stages of the process of spiritualization.


[An excerpt from Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity, 2nd Edition by Moustafa Gadalla]