“The study of the wisdom teachings should be a continuous process in which the teachings become the predominant factor of life.”  — an Ancient Egyptian Proverb

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The Egyptian Cosmic Religion

The Egyptian Cosmic Religion

The Genesis

No understanding of the Ancient Egyptian civilization is complete without an appreciation of it’s religious concepts. The Egyptian cosmic religion was fundamental to the world-view of these ancients.

You can begin to learn about Egyptian monotheism and polytheism by reading a short excerpt from our book, Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are THE ONE. You would also enjoy our book Egyptian Cosmology, The Animated Universe

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Animal Symbolism

Egyptians’ careful observations and profound knowledge of the natural world enabled them to identify certain animals with specific qualities that could symbolize certain divine functions and principles in a particularly pure and striking fashion. Have a look at our article on the subject.

Egyptian Divinities

According to Egyptian philosophy, though all creation is spiritual in origin, man is born mortal but contains within himself the seed of the divine. For background reading, see our article on the subject.