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The Solar and Lunar Principles [Isis and Osiris]

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The Solar and Lunar Principles [Isis and Osiris]
The significance and interplay between solar and lunar principles is symbolized by the sun and moon.
The sun and the moon, among other things related to Isis and Osiris, are best described by Diodorus of Sicily, Book I, 11. 5-6:
"These two neteru (gods), they hold, regulate the entire universe, giving both nourishment and increase to all things. . .
Moreover, practically all the physical matter which is essential to the generation of all things is furnished by these two neteru (gods), Isis and Osiris, symbolized as the sun and the moon. The sun contributing the fiery element and the spirit, the moon the wet and the dry, and both together the air; and it is through these elements that all things are engendered and nourished. And so it is out of the sun and moon that the whole physical body of the universe is made complete; and as for the five parts just named of these bodies—the spirit, the fire, the dry, as well as the wet, and, lastly, the air-like—just as in the case of a man we enumerate head and hands and feet and the other parts, so in the same way the body of the universe is composed in its entirety of these parts."
Diodorus’ statements highlight:
1- The Egyptian concept that the neteru (gods, goddesses) are the forces of nature and not actual characters.
2- The importance of the four elements of creation.
3- The fact that human body is a miniature universe.
So the archetypal model of solar and lunar principles is based on the fact that all aspects of the universe follow this criteria of an original and permanent female principle and a cyclical, changeable, and moving male principle. The female is the sun—the source of energy - and the male principle is the moon that manifests/reflects this energy in the universe.
In the incredibly consist,comprehensive and complete Egyptian cosmology, we find the consistent application of such primary creation fundamental in EVERY and ALL levels of existence. An example will be the application of the four elements of creation in the Egyptian cosmology.
Of the four elements of creation—earth, water, air, and fire - the element that is solid and permanent is earth.
Several of Isis’ 10,000 names relate to her being Mother Earth:
The Queen of earth.
Lady of the solid earth.
The four elements of the world (water, fire, earth, and air) were described by Plutarch in his Moralia, Vol. V:
"The Egyptians simply give the name of Osiris to the whole source and faculty creative of moisture, believing this to be the cause of generation and the substance of life-producing seed; and the name of Seth they give to all that is dry, fiery, and arid, in general, and antagonistic to moisture.
As the Egyptians regard the Nile as the effusion of Osiris, so they hold and believe the earth to be the body of Isis, not all of it, but so much of it as the Nile covers, fertilizing it and uniting with it. From this union they make Horus to be born. The all-conserving and fostering Hora, that is the seasonable tempering of the surrounding air, is Horus.
The insidious scheming and usurpation of Seth, then, is the power of drought, which gains control and dissipates the moisture which is the source of the Nile and of its rising."
So, while Isis, the divine female principle, represents solid earth, the other three elements are representations of the changeable male principle.
Osiris is the water which comes and goes, rises during floods and high tide, and recedes and evaporates totally, disappearing to rise again in a new cycle.
Horus is the air, moving and shifting, which rises when it warms up and falls when it cools down.
Seth is the fire, moving and causing droughts.
[Much more information throughout books by Moustafa Gadalla]
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