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The [Divine] Heart

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The [Divine] Heart

In the Ancient Egyptian cosmology, the whole man consists of nine components as follows:

1. a vital force—called Sekhem
2. a [secret] name—called Ren
3. a Spirit-soul—called Khu
4. a shadow—called Khaibet
5. a Heart-soul [etheric body]—called Ba
6. a double/image—called Ka
7. a heart [conscience]—called Ab
8. a Spirit-body—called Sahu
9. a natural body—called Khat

Here we will focus on the 7th component:

The ‘divine’ heart, though connected in some mysterious way with each individual’s physical heart, is not a thing of flesh and blood. Unlike the English ‘heart’, its nature is more intellectual than emotional, but whereas the intellect cannot gain real knowledge of The Divinity, the divine heart is capable of knowing the essences of all things; and when illumined by faith and knowledge, reflects the whole content of the divine mind.

The purified divine heart is the part of mankind that partakes of the essence of divinity.

The heart is that organ of perception which is capable of knowing all levels of reality, and of knowing the Whole as well as the parts. It may be that what the heart can know is the most a human being can know, and that is infinite.

The heart corresponds to conscience; and as such is identified with the totality of all the organs of knowledge.

The heart can be understood as the totality of qualitative, subconscious faculties which function in a unified way.

The heart can be understood as the center of the unconscious; the potential integrative power at our core.

The heart is the symbol for contemplation and inner metaphysical contact.

The heart contains a point of contact with the infinite dimension of Spirit, the source of all qualities.

To keep The Divine present in our hearts means that The Divine will become our reality. This Essence will become our essence. This Power will become our power. This Wholeness is our wholeness.

The heart is the point at which the individual human being is closest to the Divine Reality.


[Excerpts from Egyptian Cosmology : The Animated Universe, third Edition and Isis The Divine Female; both by Moustafa Gadalla]


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